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Product List
National Standard(GB) And Industrial Standard(JB、SH、HG、H) Bolts And Studs
Alloyed Stell And Non-corrosive Steel Bolt Material For High Temperature Conditions(A193、A453、A540)
US Standard(ASME/ANSI) Unified Thread And German Standard(DIN) Bolts Studs And Nuts
Alloyed Stell Bolt Material For Low Temperature Conditions (A320)
Carbon Stell And Alloyed Steel Bolt Material For Normal Temperature Conditions(A307、A325、A354、A490)
Carbon Stell And Alloyed Steel Nut Material For Normal Temperature Conditions(A563)
Assorted Carbon Steel And Alloyed Steel Nut Material For High Temperature And Pressure Bolts(A194)
National Standard(GB) And Industrial Standard(JB、SH、HG、H) Nuts
  Shaoxing Qi-qi High Pressure Fastener Co., Ltd.(former Mechanism department of Zhejiang University-Shaoxing Cooperatives)was set up in 1984. It locates in the historic city Shaoxing and is the authorized supplier of high pressure fasteners for China Petroleum Material Equipment Corporation. It produces national standard, ministerial standard, US-UK standard and nonstandard "JINGGU" brand high pressure fasteners that are widely used in petroleum, chemical, nulcear electric, bridge and mechanical projects and enjoy high reputation.
  Leveraging the cooperation with Zhejiang University, Shaoxing Qi-qi High Pressure Fastener Co., Ltd possesses competent human resources and reliable technology, and is equipped with complete sets of physico-chemical, metallographic, mechanical character and magnetic-particle detection devices.
  Shaoxing Qi-qi High Pressure Fastener Co., Ltd lays high emphasis on quality management. It takes lead in practice ISO9002 Standard in 1999, and has been awarded the "Head Conduit Component Manufacturer Safety Certification" issued by China State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.
  Excellent performance originate from the respect for technology, and competitive products are created by the pursuit of high quality. As one of the best practices in his industry, Shaoxing Qi-qi high pressure Fastener Co., Ltd stands at high jumping-off point now and would never slack off. It would be our eternal pursuit to provide outstanding, reliable products and services to our clients.

Address:South District Fu Quan,Shaoxing,Zhejiang ,China Tel:86-575-84021298,84021266 Fax:86-575-84021282

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